Needed: Buying advice/info for DVDROM and CDRW

After a few conversations and some research. It seems that I probably need a new DVDROM and possibly a CDRW. I believe I’ll choose the LiteOn 166. Is this the correct drive?
Cheapest place I’ve seen it including shipping for $28 or should I look for the 167 or stick with the 166 that seems to be tried and true? Is this used for both the reading of the original and playing of the backup? Or continue to use the writer for the reading and writing and then put the backup in the DVDROM? The games I get every year mostly have Safedisc though 1 or 2 titles appear with SecuROM.

Does anyone have a Liteon 166 and use a 40125s for writing and have been successful with Safedisc 3.2?

Or will I have to get the Asus 5232AS?
Is this it?

Cheapest as well for $29 including shipping.

Definately would like Futureproof to chime in :slight_smile: