Need your votes for the best CDR and best DVD+R 4X!


I am looking into purchasing CDR media (any speed) and DVD+R 4X and am unsure of which to buy?
I see there are many aspects to each but am mostly interested in quality of burn and durability. I have had a bad experience with cheap CDRs where the aluminum scratches off the top, so I’d like something lamenated on both sides. :confused:

So if you were stranded on an island with one of each (CDR & DVD+R) which would you select?

Thank you very much for your help. :bow:



If you want the best products, everyone says TY.
Why do you want the best? Sometimes worst is best. Hmmm… why?
I’ll tell you why…
When you backup your music CD’s, to place in your car (because I hate forgetting in them in the house and then forgetting them in the car. :wink: )
and some scumbag decides he likes the softbag that looks like its got CD’s in it, and breaks into your car and steals it, thats when you wish you bought the crappiest, self-destructing, CD’s available.
Best CD’s TY. Best DVD TY (are you dead-set on +R)

Thanks for the reply Arthur.

I am pretty set on +Rs because all of my DVD players are compatible. I’ve worked with -Rs before and they only work on a few of my players.

Another question: Is there anything cheaper than TY with close to the same quality? I am especially interested in durability (lamenation on both sides of media).



TY for both.

Yuden as other posts mentioned…I just got a 50 pack of TY DVD+R for US $60 from … that’s not very expensive either.
Atleast you are sure to get a good set of discs :slight_smile:

TY is the best I’ve had.

I’ve had good results with prodisc (NOT their CD-R - they vary too much, but DVD+R seems ok), ricoh and maxell media too.

I bought 50 pk of TY 4X DVD+R Samsung brand, T0100, at $1.20 each, which I tried burning at 8X and got 12 coasters! I can only burn them at 4X. using Lite-On 851S, even with speedhack, no luck… 12 coasters out of 35 so far, OUCH!

Now I am getting some 50pk 8X Prodisc, only $.70 each, hope I’ll have better luck