Need your recommendation regarding CD emulation software



Have you seen an authoritative and objective comparative review of CD emulators or virtual CDs??
I am considering Paragon’s CD emulator, MicroTest’s VirtualCD and the combination of DaemonTools Daemon plus BlindWriter/Reader suite.
I would like to see the features/functions of these packages compared and contrasted. And to know the advantages/disadvantages/strengths/limitations of each.
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Daemon Tools work perfect! That prog rulez BIGtime! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Wookie,

Thanks for responding.

Can you tell me what features/functions Daemon Tools has that the other two do not?? Or are you aware of specific limitations in the other two programs?? Of the three, can you rank the user interface from an ease-of-use standpoint (my initial impression was that the interface for DaemonTools was not that intuitively obvious–but I have not played with it much yet)??

Also, how does support from the publisher compare among these three packages?? Do you have any concerns about the viability or stability of any of the three publishers??

Do you know if DaemonTools will handle the following CDs:
Total Annihilation
Total Annihilation Kindoms
Alpha Centauri Planetary pack
StarCraft BattleChest
RR Tycoon
Civ II
SimMania Pack
C&C Red Alert

Also, can you tell me how I would run Riven. It has 5 discs and the game calls for certain discs to be loaded throughout the game as different locations are encountered. I would like to load all 5 discs at once and not have to do any swapping once I start playing. It seems like the game would expect the discs to be on the same device (even if it was a virtual device)??

Thanks again for your continued help.

Originally posted by Wookie
Daemon Tools work perfect! That prog rulez BIGtime! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you could best check out the DAEMON Tools website yourself and visit their forum: