Need your opinion on my first Kprobe tests on SOHW812s

i just finished my first Kprobe tests with the following media brands:
I bought them all here in Greece and i’m still doing some searches for the best media to continue with my DVD recording.
Kbrobe recognizes them with different names (strange???) except from the Princo.
The media i tested are DVD movies ripped with DVDDecrypter,edited with DVDshrink DVD2ONE and CLONEDVD,and burned with DVDShrink,CloneDVD and ImgToolBurn.
Could you please give me your opinion for the results?
Which one of these media shall i continue to use(or go and buy others)?
Is there a reference chart to compare my Kprobe tests with a perfect scan so i can come myself to a conclusion about my tests?

Thanx in advance guys


The Intenso is clearly a very bad scan. Princo is also almost unusable.
Primedisk is passable, and the HP scan is quite good.

As an advice, try to look for Verbatim, and failing that Ricoh (TY) or Fuji media.


Misfits7 I Would Flash The SOHW-812S To Newer US0N Firmware.

I Get Good Princo Burns At 2x Instead Of 4x

Thanx for replying ,
by the way what do we mean by saying good and bad scans?
Does it affect the quality of the burnt movie?
If i burn the same movie in different media will i notice differences in the display quality?
Do you know any online shop in Europe for buying RICOHJPNR media at logical prices?
The ones i bought here cost me 2,3 Euros each!!!
Is it a “must” to upgrade to US0N firmware and if so which one shall i use?
The one from godeguys
from the official LITEON site?
Will i be able later to upgrade to 832s when DL media reach Greece???

Cheers people!!!

US0N won’t help with Intenso. They are really bad (with LiteOn at least). I have here identical scans with them :a
Don’t try Intenso -R because you won’t be able to read them back at all.
Intesno +RW 2.4x are usable and work well however.