Need your help - Video darkness

Hi everybody,

I have a .avi home video clip which image is too dark. So, before backing it up, I would like to know if is there a soft (1 at least) that can take care of the darkness. I looled around and all I see is about compression or editing (cut, add…etc…).

Thank you and have a good day.

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The most simple (and free) thing to do is use VirtualDub.
Open your video file.
Select Full Processing mode From the video tab (Default)
Audio set at direct stream copy.
Video Tab - Select Filters > Add > brightness/contrast
adjust the slider until you get the desired level of brightness.
You can also use the levels filter… but it is a little more advanced than what you need.
Go to Video >Compression > and choose the same codec as your original at the same bitrate. You will lose some quality, but your darkness will decrease…

Problem with VDub is that you have to convert to RGB24. If your source is already RGB24 I guess that doesn’t matter, otherwise you would be better off with AVISynth you can use either levels or tweak to adjust.

Thanks buddies, I will try these very soon and keep the forum updated with the issue and results.