Need your help please

Hello all,i would like to know if anyone knows a mp3 buring software that can add chapters. I download and burn to MP3 format audio books to play in my car radio on the way to work.Problem is about 2 hours into the “book” my radio/mp3 player will loose my spot and i spend the next 20 minutes with my finger on the fast forward button until I tire of this and move on to another book. Missing some endings. Any help would be greatly apreciated thank you. Jim

What program are you using now to burn the mp3’s?

Nero 7 ultra, I was reading about a .cue file but dont have a clue how to use or get this>Thanks Jim I just found mp3 split software I’ll try that if I cant get that to work I’ll be back.more than likely I’ll be back.Power of positive thinking lol. Thanks

Downloaded MP3split works ok,If anyone knows a better way I’m all ears(eyes) Thanks again. Jim