Need your help choosing my second DVD writer

Hello everyone,

I recently found the time to make myself a new OS partition (as my current system partition isn’t allowing me to succesfully burn/read anything or nearly nothing even after checking every possible software or hardware cause) to be able to burn all that is on my HDDs and format all my HDDs and reorganize partitions.
After investigating I came to the conclusion that my PX-712 DVD burner needed to be set to 4X speed to burn on the stock of Sundisc DVD-R 8X medias I currently have left, now it writes and read burned DVDs.
No problem with CD/DVD writing, reading with the Plextor. But this is another story with my Samsung CD/DVD drive, it seems to recognize and read just fine orginal or backed up music CDs and video DVDs, but can’t or randomly recognize and read other CDs and DVDs.
Software and hardware checkings, lens cleaning didn’t change anything.

So I’ve decided to get another DVD burner to replace the Samsung drive and need your opinions on which drive to get, the reading I did so far left me confused, I think of getting either of the following drives : BenQ 1620W Pro ; LG GSA-4163BB ; Nec ND-3520 ; or Pioneer DVDR-109. The Plextor PX-716A is out of the price range I want to pay.

All, even including the Plextor PX-716A, have 2Mb cache which from what I’ve read is not enough to insure a reliable burning at 16X while doing something else with your comp or having too demanding tasks running in background. No big deal, even more than when you want your burned DVDs to have more chances to work on standalone players or even some PC drives you should not burn over 4X to 8X elcheapo or average quality blank medias, and upto 12X on really good medias like Taiyo Yuden.

All of those four drives have their weak and strong points, but what matters more to me is the recording and reading quality (the reading quality is what matter the most for me, as I want to be able to read my CDs/DVDs on any drive).

None of them seems to have Mount Rainier, and I don’t know if I should worry about it. I guess that I shouldn’t as I burn more DVDs than CDs.

What also matters to me is often updated firmwares, and the availability of RPC1 firmwares.

I burn more DVD+R medias than DVD-R, and sometime some DVD+RWs.

The brands I used so far are :



  • Sundisc DVD+R (DAXON AZ2)

In a near future I plan to use original Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and maybe DVD-R, or Fuji DVD+R 8X (YUDEN000T02).

What I’ve read so far, leads me to think that the LG and BenQ writers are the best ones (considering the 4 writers I’ve mentioned earlier), talking of the BenQ I’ve read that the 1625 support LightScribe technology that if I understand well performs quality tests while burning to adapt the writing speed.

I’ve also read about the bitsetting technology made to improve readability on standalone players.

Some people are saying that the NEC-ND3520 is a good writer too.

I’m a bit confused with all that I’ve read and I’m wondering which writer will be the best choice. I’ve read several reviews, people’s opinion on several forums and can’t make my mind on which writer to get. :confused:

My system setup is in my signature and profile.

I hope that you guies are going to be able to bring some light on the choice that could be the best, and I hope that I’ve expressed myself clear enough aswell. Please do not hesitate to correct me if I’ve said dumb things, or to ask me some questions if you feel you need to know more about what I expect or want.


Personally, I’d go with the LG 4163 (most features out of the box (no need to mess with hacked firmwares), high quality, CDFreaks Editor’s choice).

For me, the NEC is short on features and the BenQ isn’t the greatest quality (made in China and runs very hot).

Thank you for your reply matrixunloaded.

I had the same idea on the choice to make after the reading I’ve done, the LG GSA-4163BB review which is really well made (this has been a long time that I’ve not read a quality review like this), what confused me the most is the contradictory opinions on forums (I agree that each one see heaven at his door). The BenQ looks good with his black “CD case” that is supposed to reduce laser reflection (like my Plextor :bigsmile: :iagree: but that doesn’t prevent that sweet expensive puppy even if it’s a good piece of hardware to be picky with some blank media), and its bitsetting functions which according to some people are better. But there are also a lot of people saying that the LG can deal with any blank media you throw at it, from the cheapest to the most expensive, not to mention that it supports DVD-RAM.

Not correct, the Plextor Px-716A has an 8Mb buffer, check it here

Correct, don’t worry about it.

Absolutely nonsense. LightScribe technologie is used to burn images on the top of your DVD so you can identify easy what’s on that particular DVD. For an example check this out.

Go for the LG GSA-4163B. :iagree:

I’ve just finished reading the Plextor PX-716A, review and it looks like that with the firmware available at that time the performances are not that good.

I wonder how they are with the last firmware (1.06), as I see many people disapointed with this DVD writer, making me think that my PX-712A isn’t that bad compared to the PX-716A :bigsmile:

But I think I will go for the LG GSA-4163BB, what can I risk with such a good writer looking at cdfreaks review, other reviews released on other sites, plus all those positive feedbacks here and there. That isn’t that bad for a 49.73 € (~$60 USD) :slight_smile:

Why get a new burner if your Plextor 712A is still working fine?

As I’ve said earlier, my Samsung SD-616T is showing signs of weaknesses, so I’m replacing it with a DVD burner as it will cost me about the same than I paid for it at the time I got it, and that about 50€ is not that expensive for a burner that will support all those formats, speeds, and that will be less picky with blank medias.

Last time I checked, the Plextor 716A didn’t cost anywhere near 50€.

Please read again my previous messages