Need your advice... old DVD player won't play backups

I recently started using DVDFab (full version) and DVD Shrink to back up some of the movie discs that I’d been using the most. After I burn them I check the DVDs for any protection and when there isn’t any detected I test them on all my DVD players.

I noticed that my new stand-alone DVD player can play them without any dramas but my old one can’t, it reads the original discs ok but it just doesn’t recognise the burnt ones. This is not a big issue since I use my new player anyway, but I’m still curious to know what might cause it to not work at all on my other player. In the DVDFab settings I’ve ticked the box next to “Set booktype to DVD-ROM (Only for DVD+R/RW media)”, so what else could it be?

Also one other question for people who use the full version of DVDFab, do you use that to shrink your movies before you burn them, or do you use some other program like DVD Shrink? which one gives the better quality.

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Could you give us some information what media type, brand and typenumber of your (old) dvd player is?

Basically, I like to test both DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD+R Bit Set to DVD-ROM, usually Verbatim brand only. I take all 3 of those to the various players, find which ones work with which and document that for future projects.

I have had the best luck with stock Verbatim DVD-R media in all of my players, but of course each situation will vary.

If you do not get good results with Verbatim, you could try other brands and see what works best with your particular setup.

I usually export to VIDEO_TS folders and burn with Nero 6.6.x though I do sometimes try ImgBurn. I have had my best luck with Nero’s standard DVD Video project using ISO specs.

Thank you Mr. Belvedere and BeardedKirklander for taking the time to reply.

Yes, Sub-Zero truly kicks ass, and I also liked Jax and Raiden. Dude these were the days!!

As for my old DVD player, this is the one I have. Yeah it’s ancient but I haven’t had too many problems with it before. It could be something with the player but the same thing happened when I tried to play some of those movies on my old PC. It’s a 2000 model Compaq Presario, and uses a ‘Compaq DVD-ROM SR-8583’ which is possibly made by Panasonic.

The discs I’m burning to are normal Philips DVD+Rs, but I’ll look for the Verbatim ones and see how they go.

Oh and I’m using DVDFab Platinum I had a problem burning movies with Nero since I only have the OEM version and it kept asking for me to purchase an upgrade so that it could rip the audio content as well.

Definitely try some Verbatim :)…and DVDFab Platinum is up to v3.0.4.0 now :wink:

Yikes guess I’ve got some updating to do then :o

But most my movies are over a year old anyways :frowning:

Risking extremely high off-topic babbling: Those are still the days. I’m reviewing Mortal Kombat Unchained for the PSP the upcoming week. It’s awesome! :slight_smile: