Need writer opinions quick

hey ladys and gents replacing my optiarc 5170A i killed last night opinions on these writers



which one i already have a lite On and LG and dont want another nec :slight_smile:

Psssst…get the Sammy. I’m really happy with mine, and funnily enough, was just considering getting another one as a spare :bigsmile:

I haven’t used the Pio, last one I had was a 110D.

But the Sammy’s a great reader (not as fast as some though), and burner :iagree:

last one i had was a 106 and a 109 which i gave the 109 to my mate and brother got the 106 :smiley: so sammy then if its a bad burner arachne im blaming u :stuck_out_tongue: joking hope it likes tys i would have got another lg but theyre outta stock :<

Oh charming :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, Alan1476 also has a couple I think, no problems with his either :slight_smile:

Mine likes MCC004 :D…don’t think I’ve fed it many TYs since it likes the Verbs so much :wink:

I’ve got the SH-182M. As [B]Arachne[/B] says it burns the MCC004’s well and burns TY T03 (Plextor branded) at 18x very nicely indeed.

i just got it :smiley:

… and … ??? :wink:

I’m waffling on popping over to MicroCenter and picking up one myself. I was just reading some rather negative threads, but just found a bunch of positive comments. The lead-in problem kinda bugs me on principle, though.

Stick with +R disks & there’s no lead-in problem. Also there’s modified firmware (SB04 I think for the 182D) available here that overcomes that problem for -R discs.

havent experienced this lead in problem at all my liteon lead in is slower then this one , ive also used the sb 05 modded firmware to see if it houses better tyg03 write stratigies for my sammy so far nice drive i paid 19 quid for it it burns +r better then my other drives to i think it will be my verbie drive and the lite on will be my ty drive :smiley: and lg for anything

I haven’t experienced the lead-in problem either (the drive came with SB02 firmware, used each one up until the current SB05)…burned quite a few -Rs on it which can be read by the Sammy and other burners. :slight_smile:

But as Tim says, it is a possibility, so his advice should sort things out if you do have the problem.

These DRIVES DEFFINATELY write +R better then -R

Do some MCC004, might be handy for people considering this drive :smiley:

:doh: :doh: thought the second one was mcc004 lol not awake properly yet :iagree: , all verbatim media too :slight_smile:

Nice :clap:

ive noticed theres nice pie spikes on -r media on the speed changes , but this drive has Read things i wouldnt have even thought readable :o also thought id enclose this aswell =]

burnt @ 40X im amazed considering the disks tacky as hell :slight_smile: , this drives cd performance kinda reminds me of my days with my ultraplex 40X reader and my 12X plextor :slight_smile:

Yeah, the drive’s a terrific reader :bow:

And I wouldn’t put too much stock in a CDR scan from a LiteOn DVD burner, they’re not so good at that (they don’t take note of certain types of errors).

ahh right then :slight_smile: , maybe hook up the ultraplex ? :slight_smile:

I’d guess being a Plex it’d be better than the Litey at scanning CDRs…so it’s worth a shot :iagree:

cant find any of the 3 scsi cards atm :doh:

I’m subscribed to this thread, but somehow didn’t notice the replys after Tim’s until now. Sorry.

So I understand correctly, are you saying that it looks like your lead-in area on your DVD-R’s is 1 mm in width rather than 2 mm? Or is it just that the Sammy and other drives can read the DVD with the apparently incorrect lead-in anyway? marcus_667, how about you? For those not understanding what I’m asking, this shows the difference between a disk that has the lead-in problem, and one that doesn’t. Note: simply checking if your disks are readable by certain drives doesn’t check this specific issue - there are too many other variables. Some drives (such as the Samsungs) will read a DVD even with the lead-in problem, while unrelated problems might prevent a drive from reading a DVD even if the lead-in problem doesn’t exist. (Credits to ala42 for providing that link here and for the pictures.)

As for me, I went ahead and bought an SH-182M. I flashed with the SB03 special edition before I tried to burn any DVD-R’s, so I don’t even know what my drive would have done with the stock SB04 firmware. The problem is not really much of an issue to me on a practical matter because the SB03 special edition firmware exists, and I can use +R media with other firmware and avoid the problem altogether. Furthermore, I’m mostly writing data disks, and would only have the Sammy to read them back into anyway and it can read the non-standard DVD-Rs that it apparently creates. That’s why I said it was a matter of principal. It’s just that it appears that Samsung has a problem writing DVD-Rs that don’t conform to the specifications (which causes the DVDs to be unreadable on picky players). Even worse, I now understand that they know about the problem, but they aren’t willing to fix it in their official firmware updates. That kind of attitude doesn’t give me warm fuzzies, even if it doesn’t personally cause me problems that I can’t live with. I probably wouldn’t have bought the drive, except I missed the fact that they had apparently refused to include the fix in future firmware updates. So, as I understand it, they have chosen to keep their drives broken, as far as conforming to the standards are concerned.

Edit (after Arachne’s reply): I’ll also note that Liteon fairly promptly fixed a similar issue in their official firmwares as a comparison to Samsung.