Need WRITE offset for TSSTcorp TS-h653l drive for EAC



EAC won’t let me create a write offset disc for some reason so I need someone here to give me the correct WRITE (not read) offset for this drive.




this is a Samsung SH-S183L. There shouldn’t be any difference to other 18x Samsung drives. Maybe this information helps for further investigation.



I needed the offset because EAC won’t let me create a write offset CD for some reason (my drive doesn’t burn anything on the CD even though EAC says it is). I also tried to burn a CD without even setting the write offset but once again it says that it’s burning even though it isn’t.

Do you think that this has something to do with SP3 being installed on my computer? Or could it possibly be that my drive doesn’t allow certain programs to burn stuff? Do you think a firmware upgrade could fix this problem of mine? (if there is a firmware upgrade even available).

I really want to solve this program so that I can start burning 1:1 rips with the proper offset, etc.