Need which model LiteOn my HP 1040d is..20X dvdrw with Lightscribe

Hi guys, I have a USB HP dvdrw burner and I need to know which LiteOn that it really is so I can cross flash it. Because HP doesn’t seem to put out new firmware. Its a 20X dvdrw with Lightscribe.

LH-20A1H or DH20A4H. To be sure, crack the external casing open and check the physical drive’s sticker. Or backup the firmware (since you’ll have to back up the firmware as part of the process, in case your crossflash doesn’t take too well) using the Flash Utility (check the LiteOn DVD burner forum here for it) and see if a tool by the name of MediaCodeSpeedEdit (check the generic CD/DVD burner forum for it) shows which drive it is. :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t hurt to use the wrong firmware (A1 or A4) since the two drives can actually share firmware, but obviously one firmware is optimal for one specific set of hardware. It’s also good to check and make sure that LiteOn didn’t begin shipping another drive revision without anyone else knowing about it. :wink:

IF I was to crossflash the 1040d, would it SAY Liteon or stay HP?

Logic says Liteon.