Need week 5-20 circuit city ad-whole ad

Does anybody have the week of 5-20 ad still? A friend of mine went to buy a laptop out of that weeks ad from circuit city and they scammed him on it. He was buying a 17 inch HP dual core amd TL-60 2-gig they had on sale. they keep it over night to do some crap to it, picked it up the next day assuming it was what he bought, they sent him away with it being a 15 inch Wide screen centrino machine 2 gig machine. Thanks if you guys have this still, would be very appreciative.

bait and switch If I could I would Ban them. :a

That’s illegal in the USA. Demand the machine they had in the ad!

Why wont the add in your link work?
I’ve still got the add and the only 17in with 2 gig ram is a Toshiba and it is an Intel. There is a HP with 2gig ram but it is a 15in. and also an Intel. They do have a hp AMD dual core TL50 but it is a 15in. with only 1gig ram.

that is this weeks ad I do believe.

On the back page of the add I have in my hand it states "prices effective 5/20/07 to 5/26/07.

This person needs the 2 day ad i guess.

I’ll look and see if I have it. :iagree:
I have that add too. Only 1 laptop and it is an Acer single core AMD 15in.

My wife sneaks them in the trash if i don’t keep an eye on her. Which is why i don’t have that ad :a :bigsmile:

Mine too! :eek:
But she and my daughter have been in Cailfornia for a week! :bigsmile:

Nice isn’t it :iagree: :bigsmile:

You know what I was like last night! :eek: :bigsmile:

:bigsmile: yeah :cool:

oh well, thanks anyways guys.

They charged him 179 bucks restocking fee on top of giving him the wrong unit…he is extremely pissed…lol, don’t blame him.

The ad had a HP dv9xxx laptop in it for 1049 or something to that tune, a TL-60 dual core amd with 2 gigs of mem, as I looked at the ad here and told him about it.