Need vista home premium NOT key


I basically need a copy of vista home premium install, not the key, I have the key, but the copy I have of vista is a master CD style and wipes everything out on the drive and I have stuff on here I want to keep.

so basically would it be legal to get a copy of vista from somewhere, not a pirated copy if possible, and again, i repeat I dont need a key.

any suggestions welcome.

No matter what you do, if you install Vista at all you have to wipe your hard drive.
My friend had to do it to upgrade to 64 bit ultimate.
Just back up any important data files and you’ll be ok. Any programs you have on there you can install and use the same key because the key is registered to the mother board, not the hard drive.

dont have anything to back up to, only have laptop, and no spare blank dvd’s, i just ordered a new main pc which also comes with vista 64 when that arrives i wiil back up stuff to it i suppose.

i had hoped there would be an upgrade type version of vista as xp was to older versions etc

Nah, you have to wipe the drive to install it.
You don’t know anyone with a vista upgrade disc? If you have the serial for it already anyone’s disc will work.

bugger thanks

Does vista not have any kind of repair install option like windows xp does?

Its a pain. I bought an external HDD when I made the upgrade. I got the My book 320 Gig. Plenty of space. And I think it goes for about 80 bucks.
Hope it all works out for you!