Need virtual CD-ROM GURU assistance



I’ve used winISO to create an ISO file, which i wanna turn this ISO file into a virtual CD-ROM drive on my USB FLASH drive. i can’t seem to find any ISO/virtual cd-rom software that could write an virtual CD-rom on my flash drive. can someone help? :bow:


That’s impossible. You can add a virtual drive to your computer/OS but not to a seperate USB stick or any other standalone storage device.


that’s what i thought so! BUT! I’ve a flash drive that come preinstalled with a virtual CD-ROM drive, when you plug it in, a program will auto launch. I wonder what tools i can use remove this virtual drive from my flash drive?

I’ve basically tried everything! daemon tools + all popular virtual cd-rom software


Can’t you just mount the iso on the virtual cdrom drive of the flash drive?


nope, i can’t~ I keep getting this error, Unable to find USB CD-ROM


I think you have it backwards. Keep the iso on the usb drive, but mount it on a virtual cd drive on a pc (use nero or blindwrite, they both offer virtual cd drives). When finished, unmount the iso and yr done. Does that help?