Need VB6 code for nerocom (willing to pay)



Need VB6 code for nerocom (willing to pay):

User selects folder (possible subfolders) and presses Back-up:

Test if cdwriter available
Test if CDR/CDRW/DVD+r-r in writer
Detect Available space on CDR/CDRW/DVD+r-r
Test Foldersize
Test if Foldersize < Available
Detect number of sessions on CDR/CDRW/DVD+r-r
If no sessions Add folder SetUp and setup files
Create new folder = 000 + number of sessions
(First session = 0001, second 0002 etc.)
Add files from UserFolder to 000x folder
Add new session to CDR/CDRW/DVD+r-r
Verify New session on CDR/CDRW/DVD+r-r


I have interests in completeing this case.

which time is the dead line?


How about 10 - 14 days ?

I have a plug in that works with limited support for different drivesmodels and no support for DVD.

With NeroCom I can be sure that most drives will be supported.