Need v.4 firmware for oxford FW911 bridge

Since i tried yesterday i always get an access forbiden 403 code when i try to surf the FWDEPOT-website. i want to flash my fw911 oxford bridge with the newer v.4 firmware. i tried through google to find an alternative site but without luck. anyone can help ?


I installed the new IE7 but still can’t access the fwdepot website. i finally had to access it through the help of the anonymous surf site Seems that my IP got blacklisted ?!

Well, but despite the effort to get the new v.4 firmware for my firewire 911 bridge board it didn’t bring any improvement to the performance of my benq 1640. like there have been said in the big external enclosure thread. Just didn’t want to believe that it wouldn’t improve anything. :frowning: