Need utility/tool to grab time specific scenes from a DVD



Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for a utility/tool/process to be able to take snippets from existing DVDs. The end goal is to be able to create a DVD with these snippets (including personal menu, etc.).

Essentially, I have a lot of Bollywood DVDs and I just want to create a compliation DVD of our favourite songs and put them onto one DVD for easy viewing.

Is this possible with available tools out there? I tried to use SmartRipper, but it only allows me to rip down to individual chapters, but the content that I want it not set to chapter breaks. I need to be able to rip based on in/out timestamps (i.e. grab from this point to this point).

Anyone able to help a bud out? Thanks!

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I would use rejig. Rip the whole thing into one big movie (mpg), then cut the scenes you want out, using any good editor, or even use the start/end function in Tmpgenc DVD Author.


Try wombles dvd2vcr will accept individual vob files and will trim to frame accuracy leaving you with a mpeg file for re authoring.


I tried Wombles MPEG2VCR and did a test. I grabbed three songs from my movie DVDs (one crossed over from one VOB to the next). I got .MPG files of around 300 MB each (the total of the three songs was just over 850MB).

I was able to play the .MPG files using Windows Media Player 10 so I thought everything’s looking good.

I then used CyberLink’s PowerProducer (the only software that I’ve got to create DVDs) to create a basic menu with some buttons and 10 sec looping video clips on the menu. I then burned the DVD. The total space used on the DVD was 1.3GB. At this rate, I’ll only be able to put 10 songs on a disc (I was hoping for more).

Unfortunately, there is no sound when I try to play the DVD using CyberLink’s PowerDVD 5. I didn’t get a chance to try it out on the settop DVD player (it was too late at night), but without sound, the whole effort is wasted. Am I doing something wrong (I know that PowerProducer might not be the best software to use, but I don’t think I’ve got anything else)?

Staying on the topic of sound, does MPEG2DVD keep the AC3 audio of the original DVDs?

Thanks for the help so far.

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Essentially, I have a lot of Bollywood DVDs and I just want to create a compliation DVD of our favourite songs and put them onto one DVD for easy viewing.
I’ve done this using the DVDShrink reauthor function. In some players you get a slight pause because each clip becomes a separate title. But the hesitation is only slight for me on my player, and certainly better than changing DVDs.


I have done almost exactly what you are trying to do. I used VideoReDo to cut out the scenes I want. Next I used TMPGenc DVD Author to create a simple menu for each video and create a DVD compliant file. Finally I used DVDShrink to shrink my 5.7G file down to a size that would fit on a 4.7G DVD and burn the DVD.

The only difference between what you want to do and what I did was I set-up a DVD with some of the contender boxing matches from the NBC reality show.


ok I have an extension to this question. I want to do much the same thing with some musical DVD’s i have. But I was wondering is there a program that can also cut and sync the subtitles from the original DVD?

So in effect produce a number of vob file and their separate subtitle files that canbe re authored into the new compilation dvd