Need USB burner for high quality DL-media (Verbatim) at high speeds



As the topic says, I need a new burner since my old one doesn’t like the new 8x Verbatim DL-media (it’s very old). It should be external via USB and burn Verbatim DVD+R-DL as good as possible.
Being able to use speeds above 2,4x without sacrifiing too much quality would be nice too, but is no must. The price doesn’t matter as long as it’s in proportion with the quality.


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My older model external LG (GSA-E10N) burns the 8x Verbie +R DLs beautifully, so perhaps a newer LG could be an option. They’re excellent burners anyway, on SL or DL, as long as you use quality media.

The E60N/L is a good choice :slight_smile:


Samsung and Lite-On produce external drives as well. Does the E60L have any shortcomings or advantages over his competition you know about?


I think for burning quality I would choose the LG or Samsung, as you mentioned.

A shortcoming of LG drives in general, is that they don’t offer quality scanning of discs, which a lot of us like to have. LiteOn drives offer this.

Another shortcoming of LG’s is firmware support. They tend to release a newer model, rather than support existing ones these days. Samsung and LiteOn both have great firmware support.

However, LG models are very well made and tend to last quite some time (or at least that’s my experience with the LG’s I’ve had).

So given what I’ve written above, perhaps you can weigh up the pros and cons, and choose which one you would prefer. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestion. I looked for an E60L but no shop near me has them in stock right now, two weeks waiting minimum :frowning:
But I came across a Samsung SE-S224Q for a low price. You said that Samsung is known for quality burns, do you know anything about this drive in particular?


I noticed that that there are reviews of the S223F on this forum (sadly only bad ones). I assume that the Q version is the same in an external case, so I’ll stay away from it.

The S204 seems better though. You have a S203N, right? Would you recommend it and did you test it on DL-Verbs?


Yeah, I should have mentioned the Samsung 22x series, sorry about that :doh:

Currently I’d recommend a 20x Samsung over the 22x ones (you’ve seen the review and comments on the 22x one ;)).

The 203N though, is a great quality burner - I’ve tried it with 8x Verbie +R DLs and yes it burns them well (at the rated speed). :iagree:

So yes, the 204 does seem like the best option for a good all-round burner/reader. If you can still find the 18x Samsungs, that may be another option for you (I have a Sammy 182D drive as well, which I love, and it also does well with the DL Verbies) :slight_smile:


I just came across a retailer that has both, the LG E60 and the Samsung S204 in stock. :bigsmile: I guess I’ll take the Samsung.
The review I read here was nothing but a praise parade. Considering how picky you guys here are, it has to be great.

I’d like to mention that I’ve visited several pro-communities on various products (headphones, DAPs, speakers, amplifiers,…) lately to get buying advices and this is was most helpful and respectful (considering I’m a n00b with n00bish questions) conversation I’ve had.
Thank you Arachne :flower:


You’re very welcome :flower:

Hope you enjoy the 204 - if I didn’t already have two internal Sammies, it’s one I would consider, too :wink: