Need urgent help!

I am having problems burning dvds with my new Plextor 712A.
I have burnt two Fuji DVD+R 4x in Nero as data dvds containing video files. The dvd media code is RICOHJPNR01 and they have been burnt at 8x speed, both burns was reported as succesfull and the Transfer Rate Tests in Nero CD-DVD Speed went fine, but then when i tested them in PlexTools Q-Check PI/PO test, i was shocked over the extremely bad results i got.
What can be the cause to this high PI count? Is it the media that is bad the Plextor Drive or maybe something else? Please help me. :sad:

I have attached all the images.

That speed graph looks perfect.Don’t know about plex tool graph, maybe see if somebody could check with kprobe. But with a speed graph like that I wouldn’t worry to much.There is no perfect way to check a burn and some tests have proved to show false readings.Test on one machine terrible same test on another perfect.