Need urgent help - dont know how to set up jumper to master or slave - please help



got a benq 1620 and tried to install it. I am new to burners. so bear with me.
I have a cdrom on top 5.25 inch bay and i installed the benq 1620 on bottom 5.25 inch bay.
i plugged all the jumpers. and started the computer and it won’t start.
so i took out the benq 1620 cables - the power and the the other. and the computer works.
on back of benq 1620 there is a slave master something - jumper setting.
there is a black plastic that jumper set at master.
i dont have any clue how to set it to slave.
can anyone help me please.
morever i have a dell computer and the benq came with 4 screws and i could only put 3 screws because if i put the 4th screw the benq 1620 burner wont go inside and gets stuck 1/4th way. do i need to put the 4th screw?


There’s a jumper legend stamped on the drive case, should be on top near the back edge of the case. Slave should be the middle position if I recall right. Make sure that the CDROM is also set right. Either set both to CS, or one to master and one to slave.


Pull off with snipe nose pliers, tweezers or fingernails, press back in the position required. Use appropriate anti-static precautions.

MA = Master
SL = Slave
CS = Cable Select

Using CS:
On an 80 wire (ATA/66 or above) cable (always supports CS), the far end will assume Master, the middle position will assume Slave.
On a 40 wire CS cable (the CS line is cut between the mid and end connector), the middle postion assumes Master, the far end Slave.
On a 40 wire cable without CS support, Master will be assumed on either connector.