Need updated opinion

Ordering parts for my next rig. Have been a loyal LiteOn guy for a while now but need a few questions answered…

  1. I bought the 1213S and rode the improvement wave all the to the 1653S (CSOP)…is it safe to say the 1673S is the beginning of the ‘next’ family of f/w upgradable drives from LiteON?

  2. I’m too much of a noob to really understand the graphs…has the 1693S’s cd-r writing with the new f/ws improved since the initial reviews?

  3. The new NEC seems to be kickin @ss, should I expect future litleon f/w updates to close this gap?

Thx for your insight as usual…Mm

the 1213s can be upgraded to the 1653s, 1673s is upgradable to 1693s. they won’t be upgradable to the next generation 16x5S drives.

with KS09/KY04 cr writing has improved but still needs some work.

nec is good but if you want a liteon, wait for the 5S seres. should be out in some months. the benq 1640 is also a very good drive.

Ok…thanx much!! :slight_smile: