Need Ultimate Bulletin Board Full



there ya go


Hey People… Yes I need a copy of the Registered version of the ultimate BB.

It’s the same as Cdfreaks uses… But I can only find an freeware version, without the extra’s…

Can anybody help and give me an URL where I can find The UBB Full???






ultimate chaos fun site!!!


sorry Duke, the Rar file is not fully usable… I downloaded it 2 times, and 2 times an CRC error occurs… But thats only the update file that I can’t use, the full version is’nt broken in the archive…

But If you have an non broken RAR file, I really want to have that too!

Thanks… RoB


i’ve downloaded it and it works 100%
it includes the upgrade install and the full install


i was wrong
it is a fucked up rar file
haven’t got anything else


It’s Ok Man…

only the update zip file is broken, the other zips aren’t so!

Also great thanks for the help!

… Also, I need an banner placed in my forum (to avoid pop-up!)? Can i put the raw HTML code in the cgi file or can I modify it with the Ultimate CP.html file, How did you do this Duke???


i didn’t write the code for the banner on top
our webhoster did


Who’s the webhoster then???

I’m interest in his opinion…

Gtx. RoB