Need UK firmware 018 for 5115GHC+

Does anyone have firmware version 018 (UK version) for the 5115GHC+?

You can find the german version here (which is probably the original firmware for uk machines - you just need to change language/country etc to english)

Hello I also have the 5115 GHC+, but I am in the USA. Can the USA 5115 take the UK firmware?

Thats the 1115GHC firmware.

…same file though - all liteon firmwares have unique file names regardless which machines use them. If you look at the back of your 5115 you’ll probably find LNMPG018, which was the original firmware for most eu 5115s (the “G” denoting german, english firmwares have an “E”, US have a “U”). Your machine will ignore wrong firmwares anyway.

This firmware will almost certainly not work in US players and vice versa