Need tracks in a mix!

ok here’s my question:
anybody know how to put in tracks in a 800 mb trance mix i made?
i got a 800 mb wav track but i need to put in tracks …so i can skip some numbers…
i know it can be done by the lovely winoncd but is there another way to do it?
anybody know…some help will be appreciated…

i dont understand what exactly you are asking? you have one big wav with all the songs and you want to make that into multiple tracks? just cut it up into the songs and burn them individually. or am i so off and your asking something different?


You can use either a burning program that uses *.cue sheets and make your own cue sheet (has been discussed several times before) or I believe Feurio (Ahead) has a built in option for this kind of things…

I’d suggest a search on ‘cue AND mp3’
Where you can use the wav file instead of the MP3 file of course when using the actual program.

i think this is not understand but i use winoncd like that program can make tracks within 1/10 of a second…
let me explain some more…
i did some live mixing and recorded that on my harddisk using cooledit pro…>then saved the file as one big file(cause its a mix and intented to stay one)
now if i would record this on a cd i only got one number (like its one big file)
so what i wanna do here is put in the tracks so i can skip a number but its got to stay one mix …
i know it works with winoncd and i can cut there very precisely…but i need a program that works some easier and quiker…
but thanks for responding anyway…

I always use Nero for the job!
Just drag the mix to the compilation and select it’s properties. Then goto tab Indexes, Limits, Split. Then you see 2 marks at Positions; a start and a end. When you select on of those and click edit… you can edit this marker.

Here we go, you want the first track to start at 0 min 0 sec 0 fr so you leave at as it is. But the end of the first track must be at 6 min 23 sec 0 fr, so you select the end marker and click edit and just fill in where you would like the 2nd track to end. Then click OK and you’ll see that only 6 minutes and 23 secs are used of this track! Now you again drag & drop the mix from your filebrowser to the compilation and select it’s properties.
What you want is to let the 2nd track start where the 1st ended. So you select the startmarker and edit it to 6 min 23 secs 0 fr exactly where the 1st track ended! And then select where the 2nd track must end. For example 13 min 02 secs 0 fr.
note: I never use the frames, cause it doesn’t really matter if you split up a second. But if you like you can do it.

After you splitted your complete mix you first must select that there is no space between tracks. You do this by selecting all but the first track and select their properties. Then you’ll see Pause: 2 secs (default); here you change it into 0 secs! (Track 2 - <lastone>; not the first track)
Now you are ready to burn it!
NOTE: always burn mixes in DAO mode (Disc-At-Once) and not in TAO (Track-At-Once). Otherwise you’ll here clicks between tracks, something you NOT want! :slight_smile:

Hope you understand it now, otherwise let us know! :smiley:

Nice from admin to put this in newbie forum whahahahaha
like i am a newbie!
but wookie you made some points clear thanks for that!

Originally posted by esdee
Nice from admin to put this in newbie forum whahahahaha
like i am a newbie!

Everyone started as a newbie! And I think I’m not talking that difficult, am I? :smiley:
Anyway, if you use Nero like I explained you’ll get the perfect cutted mix! Just use Winamp to find out where to set the markers!
If you still don’t understand I could add some screenshots if you like.