Need touch screen driver


I have a W500 Acer Iconia Tablet that I bricked trying to update the BIOS. I could not find the exact motherboard that was in the tablet but found one that was supposed to have been removed from a W500 tablet. The tablet works fine except I can’t find a touch screen driver for the motherboard I installed. The drive on the Acer site won’t even load.

CPUID says the motherboard is an Acer WT1 board. The information I have on the board is as follows: Acer Iconia W500 Window Tablet motherboard w/ AMD C60 CPU MB RHCOP.022

About the only difference between the two boards is that the previous board was an AMD C50.

If someone could help me find a touch screen driver for the tablet I would appreciate it. Now I have to keep the tablet on the docking station to use is as the touch function is not working. Thanks.


Maybe the right one:

EDIT: sorry, looks like it’s the same as on the Acer support pages


Sorry for the delay in responding, yes it is. Thanks for the help. Anyone else might have a driver I can try.