Need Top Quality DVD reader



I know its hard to find the best but I need a DVD drive to read DVDs I made a year ago and some Pressed DVDs from ebay.
Boy did I get burnned on ebay.

So far my best reader has been a liteonit 165, it reads 88% and fails. I just need the last 12% on the pressed DVD`s.

The DVD-R`s are Samsung guaranteed for 100 Years. they were burnned on a pioneer A05. The A05 has been able to read most but not all.

I Hope their is a better reader out their.

I have also tried liteonit 166 and 167 DVD rom`s. NEC 2510, 2500, 3500.
Benq 1620, 1640 and a plextor 708A.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance



With so many drives you tried without success, I doubt the disc (the discs? your post is’nt quite clear) will be readable.
Now to answer your question, I think there is a strong consensus here that LiteOn drives are the best readers. Pioneer drives are not bad either.


I tend to agree - LiteOn is the best reader, especially with dirty/scratched or decaying media.


Sounds good but isn’t really. Anyway.

You could use tools like Nero Drivespeed and force the reader to read the source at slower speeds, that could give higher success rates…


If you can find the Aopen 1648 AAP you (DVD-rom / reader not a writer) you might want to try it. I don’t know how it compared to writers at reading but previous tests by a number of sources suggest it is one of the best readers at reading scratched/damaged media. You can also try the Aopen 1648 AAP Pro but feedback on that has been a little more sketchy