Need to watch scrambled Asianet service with subscription on home built HTPC

I am new to this site and DVB in general so please tell me if I am posting in the wrong place or doing something not allowed here. I did use the search but could not find relevant information.

I live in Boston in the US.
I have a valid subscription to Asianet an Indian channel available on GlobeCast. I have a DVB set top box connected to my TV. Globecast has provided me with a card that needs to be inserted into the set top box for this paid channel to be available. Without this card it shows up as scrambled.
There are some additional channels included in my subscription and some free over the air ones that we watch.

I am in the process of building my first HTPC and was looking for a PCI / PCIE replacement for the set top box.

What I am looking for is a recommendation on this card that will accept my subscription card and be compatible with their service. I would like the ability to use my HTPC as a PVR for this channel.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You won’t find one. You will have to use the video output of your current box into a video input of your HTPC.

You can use a Twinhan PCI DVB card with a CAM slot in it. You can use your card and if you have a motorized dish, it will work because it uses a 1.2 diseq switch and is USALS.