Need to Upgrade Firmware on Benq 1655?

Just got my new Benq 1655. Only a couple test burns do far and all seems fine. I note that the installed firmware is BCAB. I also note that on the Global Benq website there is a version BCDB for this model. I cannot tell if there is any reason to upgrade nor can I find any list of what’s in the new version. Anyone have any knowledge or recommendations? Thanks.

If you look at about page 6 in this forum you will find a couple threads that discuss this issue. would insert a link to it if i knew how to do that. :iagree:

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Thanx crossg :bow: :bow:

I can insert a link but I don’t know how to make a “Linky”

alan1476, try to change the following: User CP > Edit Options > scroll down > Message Editor Interface > Set to Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing.

Then in the message area when you reply a post: type “Linky” first, highlight Linky with your cursor, press the “globe with chain icon” (insert link) and insert your link in the URL bar. Leave Type to http.

Thanks Zevia you always are there for me, I appreciate it.