Need to update my NEC firmware?

Hi. Sorry to ask such a basic question but I guess I have to start somewhere. I’m having periodic problems burning DVDs in copy disc mode using Nero Streetsmart. I gather from a little reading that it might be a good idea to download more recent firmware for my NEC ND-3500 AG burner, which has firmware version 2.16. Is that old enough that it might be causing problems? Again, the copy disc function works from time to time–but it used to be extremely reliable. I’m using the same discs (Sony DVD-Rs that I’ve always used.) If it does seem a good idea to download new firmware, could someone please tell me how to go about it and which version would be best?

Many thanks!

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There’s a rather extensive F.A.Q. over in the NEC forum which may answer some of your questions.

You menioned that it used to be really reliable and is now periodic. Have you upgraded your software since then? If so, try downgrading back to that version.

Regarding your firmware, as the old saying goes if it’s not broken then don’t fix it. :wink:
note: Some people choose to upgrade to the latest firmware as soon as it’s available, and that’s fine too. For those unsure of wether they should or not, and the firmware doesn’t fix any problems they might be experiencing then there’s no really need.

This link has the latest official firmware which is probably the best choice for you. Go here .
Unpack the files & run the EXE & reboot. Ensure that nothing else is active at the time. The official instructions need not be followed, I don’t think anyone really does that.
NEC3500 and compatible
NEC 3450 v102b
NEC 3500 v2.16
NEC 3500 v2.17
NEC 3500 v2.18
NEC 3500 v2.19
NEC 3500 v2.1A
I-O DATA DVR-ABN16W v2.26(?)
TDK DVDRW1616N v2.77
TDK DVDRW1616N v2.78
TDK DVDRW1616N v2.c7
TDK DVDRW1616N v2.c8
MadDog MD16x v2.f8
MadDog MD16x v2.f9
MadDog MD16x v2.fc

Use Liggy’s with riplock removed!

Olere firmware isn’t nesasarilly a bad thing if it is working fine. sometimes a firmware update can give some improvments though. I have been runing 2.fc on my 3500 for quite a long time and it performs exelent. Since it used to work fine, I would sugest using dvd identifier on the sony disks to read the manufacture and media id to see if the disks you are using are in fact the same disks you use to use. Most of the stuff sony uses is pretty good (mostlly sony, mcc or ty mids) but perhaps your drive or firmware doesn’t like one of them and maybe you got some that was diffrent than what you were using before.

some basics to remember also, verify some other probgram you’ve installed hasn’t reset your drives (hdd and dvd) from dma to pio for some odd reason, and even though your doing a disc copy…when was the last time you defraged your hdd. I know this sounds like basic stuff, but sometimes it’s the basics that cause the oddest problems.

Another even sillier basic thing that can get overlooked, how much free space do you have on your hdd now compared to when you were getting more reliable results?

have the ide cables be checked to make sure they a properly seated, or have the vibrated out a lil bit and not as snuggly fitted?

lil stuff worth checking before flashing a drive that was working fine till recently…:slight_smile:

ZigZagMan knows his stuff! :bow:

I’m learning just like all of you, but have learned…weed out the easiest things 1st…especially when it used to work and now dont…:slight_smile: