Need to trim, convert and edit quality of dvd

i need a program that can trim a dvd so i can burn only the part of the dvd i want to my hard drive… i need to be able to save it in MPEG-4 format… and i need to be able to edit the video quality so i can reduce the size.

i have a problem with nero recode 2, so im looking for something as an alternative… preferably something low cost or free. nero recode 2 had what i needed, but unfortunately i cannot use it anymore… i will not get into that though. i’ve downloaded a couple other programs i thought were what i needed but they didnt have those features. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

Start with dvdshrink.

can you reduce the quality to lower than 55% w/ dvdshrink? it wont let me go any lower.

if it can’t be reduced enough (this happens sometimes, but not often) then process at the quality it gives you and output your selection to either “ISO” or “FILES” then load the iso or the files back into dvdshrink and shrink again so it fits the disc you’re burning to.

note: i make no guarantees on quality at this level of compression!

another option is to remove audio tracks and/or titlesets that you do not wnat or need in order to get it to the right size. this can also be done in dvd shrink and in conjunction with the compression you often end up at a happy medium of quality and content.

yeah i thought of that but was just wondering if there was an easier way… i’ll give it a try though and report the results…

in the meantime is there anything else out there? i am willing to purchase a program also… but nothing more than $35.

If anybody was wondering why shrink & nero recode were so similar. The same guy wrote both programs. He is working for nero or was thats why shrink was never updated again.

Oh, Chef - Shrink dont have mpeg4 conversion does it?