Need to Take a clip from a DVD

I need to cut two clips off 2 DVDs I have for a event. Titanic and Vertical Limits.

Ive tried alot of programs but i cant seem to get the DVD file (.VOB) to convert to AVI or MPG or MPEG so that i can use my Adobe Premiere to edit the clip i need.

Anyone know of a way??

Easiest way I can think of is to use DVD Shrink in Re-author mode. Just copy over the title(s) that you need the clips from, then cut out what you don’t need. Very easy to do.

Yes, DVDShrink is the easy and free way to do this.

I’m not sure that Adobe recommends editing mpeg files in Premiere if you still want to try it with that program. And if you just want a quick way to convert vobs to mpeg2, then I’d use a cleverly titled program called vob2mpg
Found here

Once in mpeg2 form, you’d probably have to use an mpeg editing program rather than Premiere—VideoReDo, one of the Womble products or Cuttermaran come to mind. More trouble than the Shrink method, but certainly workable.

If you aren’t too familiar with DVDShrink in reauthor mode, then look at some of the guides found at or There may not be an exact guide out there for removing clips though. You’ll have to use the set start and end frames tool in reauthor mode.

Ive tried all those programs and dozens more but for some reason VOBtoMPG2 doesnt want to convert the file and the other cant open it cuz its “missing” a file for the movie. no luck yet :a :sad: :frowning:

I’ve used VirtualDubMod to clip .vobs from a DVD recorder disc to my harddrive for editing in Premiere. Works well.

Also, I heard that the latest version of Premiere can use .vobs directly. I don’t know that first hand though.

I would say use CloneDVD2, copy title mode, select the title you want, and save as vob format

At the same time,you try winx dvd author
It may perfectly solve the proplems.

winx dvd ripper
It’s your d hope!
I used it many times :iagree: