Need to salvage DVD with errors



I play the DVD, and at one particular part for about 10 minutes it’ll play through with glitches, and the audio will cut out, but the movie will continue on as normal eventually.

This remains true for both my set top DVD players.

My PS2 doesn’t start the movie at all.

My computer freezes at the part where it’s just supposed to have the minor glitches.

I tried decrypter, and various other programs, but I get read errors using them.

I just got the DVD, so I really don’t understand.


I would return it. Errors show up from time to time and the dealer should accept a return. If for some reason you can’t, the only option left is to search out a reader that can get past the errors and make a copy. Very unlikely on a new DVD as the errors are probably hard errors and you cannot read what isn’t there.