Need to rip from a bunch of cheap DVD-R's with errors

I bought a 100 pack of the cheapest DVD-R’s I could find. They are rated at 4x but I put firmware on my NEC 2500 to allow burning at 8x. Well, I’ve learned my lesson…I first ripped a bunch of movies, then backed them up to DVD-R and reformatted my hard drive. Now I want to put them back on my computer and about 25% of the movies fail to rip with tons of read errors.

What is the best software to get the most data from these files? I’ve used DVD Decrypter and set retries to 3…it eventually finishes, but I’m concerned that my files will stop playing when using PowerDVD or something like that. I don’t mind a momentary skip when watching the movies with the errors, but don’t want to waste my time ripping 20 or 30 movies, just to have the software puke when it tries to read the reconstructed files.

I’m also a little unsure of how DVD Decrypter works… If I go into Windows Explorer and drag n drop, it will fail since it can’t transfer 100% of the file. When I use DVD Decrypter, is it actually recreating the structure of the file and throwing away the lost frames?



Actually, I find the best thing to do is go into Decrypter’s settings & tell it to ignore read errors - it’s going to hit read errors whether you like it or not due to the quality of the discs, but if you ignore them, it will proceed much quicker!

Have you tried Isobuster?