Need to replace my trusty Benq DW1640

I’m in need of replacing my Benq DW1640 as the draw needs a little help in the last few milimeters to close. I’m now looking for a SATA Burner and would like to know what people recomend.


Pioneer DVR-215, Optiarc AD-7200S/7201S/7203S, you could also try the LiteOn iHAS422 if you want a decent all-around drive (but of what I’ve mentioned the LiteOn is the poorest burner of the three).

Thanks for the reply, so the Pioneer DVR-215 is better than the Pioneer DVR-216 ? And s=does the Pioneer DVR-215 now do bitsetting as I have read a few reviews (including the one on cdfreaks) that say’s it doesn’t support bitsetting.


Pioneer DVD burners bitset DVD+R Double Layer media to booktype DVD-ROM with official firmwares.

In order to have bitsetting on DVD+R Single Layer media, you will need to flash the drive with firmware that has been modified with MediaCodeSpeedEdit to enable bitsetting.

Bitsetting on DVD+RW is not supported at all AFAIK.

Thanks, It’s mainly DVD+R single layer disc I use with bitsetting to DVD-ROM on my benq dw1640. I was a bit put off with the strange decision by Pioneer not to include bitsetting as standard for Single layer discs.