Need to replace CD / DVD burning program

Hi. I recently purchased a Samsung SH-S182D to replace my DVD-ROM drive which was failing me. I noticed after its installation, that this drive and my other DVD-RW drive was unable to burn CD-R’s using Roxio 7 OEM, but was able to burn ISO’s using IMGBurn. I liked the drag and drop feature of Roxio for making data discs, but since I am having problems with this program, I think it’s time to get a new CD / DVD burning program. I would like to keep the drag and drop feature and all the other features of this program. I would like to be able to control the burn speed. I would like to be able to easily create an ISO image. I would like to able to create my own home movies DVD, but I have Premiere Elements to create the ISO file for me (an older version).

What are some good CD / DVD burning programs out there that would fit my wish list (freeware or otherwise)? Thanks.

DeepBurner, CD Burner XP Pro, a couple of free ones that do a nice job.

For Audio CDs then Burrrn is worth being on the list.

I had previously used CD Burner XP Pro. I have been waiting for the updated version to come out for over a year (haven’t donated). There was something about that program that caused me to go to Roxio. I couldn’t find the control to burn speed and I don’t know if I had problems creating a DVD data disc. It’s been a while.

Thanks for the input. Any other programs that have an all-in-one suite feature that are of any good? Thanks.