Need to replace an internal DVD burner

Need to replace an internal DVD burner.
Any thoughts as to a good place to get a good reasonably priced one, as well as a recommendation as to which burner to get would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Newegg,com; Liton LH-20A1P

Hi :slight_smile:
Would this drive be IDE or SATA.
If IDE then maybe the Pioneer DVR-115 would fit the bill.
While not the fastest, its quality of burns. Both SL & DL. Are right up at the top of pile.
SATA, the Samsung SH-S203. Has to be a contender.
Although from what Iโ€™ve seen the Pioneer DVR-215 is going to be the one soon.
If wishing to scan. Then Lite-On has to be considered.
I donโ€™t think (with regards to 18/20x) that which model makes much difference.
So whatever is the latest.

How can i tell if its IDE or SATA?