Need to reinstall

:eek:Hi I had a BAD drive,So now I need to reinstall AnyDvd HD,But I don;t have the password or Key,anymore would really like your help…

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The simplest way is to ask for support to Slysoft.

See here :slight_smile:


Why do people backup unimportant stuff like movies instead of real important things like serials of software they bought? :confused:


That’s because many people keep harping on the idea of protecting data.

Data is: Documents, Pictures, Music & video

And while data does need to be protected so does our OS installation
Which has “settings” and preferences that must be preserved.

and your programs/applications
(and those while replaceable also have settings that need to be preserved)

And While I protect my Data, programs and OS installation in the ocnventional way
(the way I’ve done it lets me migrate to another computer with a virgin but activated
OS in about an hour)

the only rational way to protect your OS and program files and all those pesky
settings is to clone your OS drive.