Need to reinstall AnyDVD on Home computer



Hey -

First installed AnyDVD on my work laptop but IT is shall we say less than pleased. So I want to install it on my home computer. I copied the key file from my laptop over to the same directory on my home computer and this does not work. Restarted - no dice. The site mentions a key installer which I no longer have - but I do have my key.

Any help? IT has given me till Friday :cool:

Many thanks!


Although you copied the key file to the same directory - did you double click on the key file to apply the key to the registry?


I myself just updated my computer, and I just exported the registry for both clonedvd2 and anydvd, Then I imported it into my new one.

You have to use Regedit to do it.


Thanks I will try clicking on the key … going to pass on the Reg edit route. I try to avoid messing with my registry whenever possible :slight_smile: