Need to recreate broken cd



hey im new here HEEEEEEEEELP
i got kind of a problem i have The Goooood old game WC FT (warcarft frotsen Trown)

the problem is that my first Cd is messed up and becauce i got a new pc i can’t installe it :sad:

any idears :doh:

i got my orginal cd keys

plz mail me with any god idears or trix
because as far as i can remember is eagh and every cd only work with that one original key and i got the key
but it is kind of worthless with out a cd that works :frowning:

mail on PLz :clap::cool::stuck_out_tongue:


I suggest you try getting it resurfaced somewhere that does it, relatively cheap, unless of course it’s cracked, in which case there isn’t much you can do…


Perhaps you can contact the vendor with proof of purchase / proof of the original. THey may replace the CD for a minimum service charge.