Need to recover data from formatted CD-RW



Hi, I accidently formatted a CD-RW disk that had some important info on it, all of which are documents through Microsoft Word. Is there a way I can recover all the data? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can try with ISOBuster. There is a free version you should try first, just click the download button on this page:


Or you could try UFS Explorer - Just like ISO buster it is not free though. It is however the two applications I have had most luck with for any task recovering data as both of them seem to find data where others fails.
It has to be emphasized that I use both UFS Explorer 3 and UFS Explorer 5 as they have different qualities, but in any case, for optical media, I would start off with ISOBuster as Kerry suggests. The recovery routine in that program is unique and not found in any other program to my knowledge.


Here’s the thing though, when I right click on the drive it is in it tells me the disk cannot be read because it has NOT been formatted and do I want to format it. I am not a tech savy person so when I say I formatted the disk I mean I saved a document on it one day then the next day when I went to open the document to edit it EVERYTHING WAS GONE. In the properties it doesn’t even show it has used NOR unused space, as in 0% on both. I have a desktop and a laptop pc and it says the same thing on both.


ISOBuster should be able to read it even though Windows Explorer can’t read it. It will probably ask if you would like to create a managed image of the disc, just do that and work on the image created.

Edit: If that CD-RW is written using the UDF filesystem, I think ISOBuster has to be registered as Professional to help you out in all aspects of the filesystem, more information thereof:


I didn’t do the format for sure. I wanted to see if I could recover the data first. Thanks.