Need to record subtitles



I have a Liteon 5005 which works OK, but it does not record subtitles, and I need a region free DVD recorder that can also read PAL/NTSC and able to record subtitles. Can somebody recommend a make/model? Thanks.


I mean closed captions, my mistake. My Liteon does not record them and I need a DVD recorder that can.


Only way you’ll get that is to either record from another source with the captions turned on, or re-author the DVD and add captions back in. The second option requires you being able to come up with the right file for the captions from some other source.


Thanks for your reply, but it can’t be that difficult to find a DVD recorder that can record captions. I was looking at the PHILIPS DVDR3390, the LG World Super Multi Dvd recorder or the PROTRON PD-DVR100. Anyone of those can record captions from the TV?