Need to put wav files in bin file

okay, I’m having actually multiple problems with this one. I did a few searchs and came up with basicly nothing.

Here’s the problem, I have a disk image that has the audio files seperate from the main bin file (but is listed on the cue sheet). Well, I have to run the bin file (not the cue sheet) through a program that converts it to another image. I can run either iso or bin files through, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the wav files into the bin.

I burnt it all to a cdrw, but now I can’t make an image of it. Everyone says use CDRWIN for bin/cue files. how? not only does it’s help file suck (use 1:1 copy, nothing more).

No matter how I set up CDRWIN to make a disk image, it errors when it’s writing the image, why I don’t know. Not to mention it’s using some .cdr format? Which no one who ever has mentioned when they said to use CDRWIN for making bin/cue files. But what’s it matter because it doesn’t create an image anyways.

What sucks is I have no problem making an nero image, CloneCD image, or even an DiscJuggler image. But none of them are the format I need.

So can someone please, tell me what program I need to make an bin/cue or iso image of a disk, that actually works like it’s supposed to. And maybe has some documentation on what it’s different buttons and functions are, and how to use them properply.

This is really annoying because I know my way around computers, yet this one thing seems to be inluding me and well, pissing me off, frankly.

So if CDRWIN is actually supposed to work, did someone write up a tutorial or something about how to get the program to actually work like that?



well, aparently CDRWIN 5 + only does it’s on format, cdr.

Nice if people would mention this, instead of the generic “use CDRWIN” to make bin/cue files.

Now if version 5 was new, sure, I can understand that. But it’s not new.

so, well, can someone point me to a version of CDRWIN that will actually make bin/cue files from burnt CD’s?

3.9b is latest i think;