Need to mount IDE drive, but the only app that does so is DAEMON Pro (which is payware)

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

So I need to mount a virtual IDE drive. The free version of DAEMON Tools doesn’t allow you to mount IDE drives. Is there anything else that mounts IDE drives? Bonus if it works with Y.A.S.U emulator cloaker.

Oh, and the game in question is GTA4. I actually didn’t torrent this and bothered for the first time ever to purchase the game ($15 on Amazon!) , but it requires the damned disc to be inserted in order to play.

If it requires the disc to play can’t you just rip the game to an ISO and mount that?

I already have the MDS/MDF images. They were not made by me, but Gamecopyworld. Would making a small image of my own disc solve my problems? The game has SecuRom… and I don’t want an 8gb iso sitting on my hard drive at the moment.