Need to modify firmware of LG GH22NS40 (Renesas chipset)




I need to modify the firmware of the LG GH22NS40 drive because it breaks idle sleep (the computer is supposed to go to sleep automatically after a certain time of non activity.).

When I have no disc inserted the drive will blink every once in a while, maybe checking for a disc inside? This activity will break my idle sleep.

If I have a disc inserted the drive will not have this behaviour and the idle sleep will work great.

So I wonder, is there anyway to remove this by modifying the firmware?

I have dumped the firmware and opened it in a hex editor but it seems a little over my ability to modify this in plain hex :slight_smile:

Any help highly appreciated.


When I disassemble the bin file I need to choose a processor architecture, anyone knows what CPU is inside the GH22NS40?