Need to know

Hi all. I am thinking of purchasing my first DVD burner.The main reason for this is to make backup copies of new DVD’s that I have purchased for our home use and make dupes for camp.

Question is re software to accomplish it. I understand there are copyright issues etc. Can I do it and how? Thanks.

some simple and free software is dvd shrink and dvd decryptor and can be downloaded at

If you need a simple to follow guide pm me an email address and i will send you one

I understand there are copyright issues etc
Depends on your countries laws regarding it, it a real crock of sh#t here in Australia its illegal to backup our own DVD’s, :a fair enough copying rental or friends movies. I have 184 titles gathered over 3 or so years, at last count around $4400 AUD. As if I’m not gonna back them up. :wink:

Hey,rsjr23 and pollushon.Thanks for the imput.I appreciateit. Going crazy here. Went out and bought a Pan DVD-S27 player. I am tring to find a BenQ 1620A or pro. New-Egg is out, haven’t checked Amazon yet. Haven’t deceided which way to go on a general software package.Had ver 5.1 of NERO and have been using CD-DVD Creator6. Roxio is CRAZY. They want as much for the upgrade to ver 7 as a new package costs. Thanks agn.