Need to know how to burn ps2



i wanna know if there’s any programs that could help me burn my ps2 games with a CDR (recordable)disc.i just wanna know if or how you could do it.and by any chance you can give me a link to some free programs to a link that gives people free upgrades for your CD burner


Easiest way would be to use dvddecrypter in iso read/write mode, i’ll guess you’ll need it for dvds since most of the available ps2 games are on dvd.


Backing them up’s easy getting them to play is the difficult part. The best way is a mod chip, but depending where you are will decide how easy they are to get. It will void the warranty though.


How to burn Ps2?

Using a gas can and fire?!?

Honestly, only modchipped consoles will ever play such stuff.