Need to improve burn 165H6S

if anyone can gimme some suggestions to improve this burn. i know media is huge issue. i have the stock fw installed for my 165H6S. which fw is preferred to update it with? thanks for any assistance.

ok. i upgraded the fw to HV9N and this is what happened. much better. i tried the smartburn thing. but with any of the boxes checked, CDDVDSpeed would top out at 12X. any reasons plz ?? is there a chance of getting rid of that last spike when burning in cddvdspeed?? any help is greatly appreciated.thnx.

oh. here is the 8X scan of that last burn. any good?/

What exactly do you think is wrong with your burns? Quality score of 95% is good!

it was the first burn i was concerned with. glad to hear the other two are fine then. if i was able to reproduce with cheap -R media, would be a good thing correct?? slowly figuring all this out. thanks for your response.

IMHO the 165H6S just doesn’t give me great quality burns compared to my other Litey’s. In fact, after trying every option available I just use the two H6S drives for scanning only. Very frustrating to say the least!

Your last scan is acceptable for sure considering the media your burning.