Need to identify DVD+R drive in Dell system

Here’s some info…

Anyone know who makes this drive? Is it possible to do bitsetting with this drive?



I’m not sure, but from the specs it could be a NEC2100 which can easily be upgraded to a 2510 with double layer and -R support

That would be sweet. Any suggestions how to get a little more certainty on what brand/model this is?


Do you actually have this drive or do you think of buying it (which is a bad decision I think because it’s much too expensive)
If you have this drive, you may have a look at the firmware version with Nero Infotool or try to use the TDB DOS Flasher for extracting the firmware.

Many Dell DVD writers are NEC OEM. That one surely looks like NEC ND-2100A.

Since you don’t know what model it is yourself, you probably just think of getting one from Dell site. I’d rather recommend getting a ND-2500A from for US$61 plus some kind of free basic-rate shipping.

Visit the NEC forum for more information.

Thanks for the help, people.

Actually, I’m not thinking of buying this drive. I’m just trying to help out a friend who has a Dell computer with this drive already installed.

He wants to backup some movies and wondered why he couldn’t just drag-and-drop the files. :slight_smile:

I’m going to see if he can extract the firmware and what he can find with Nero Infotool…

If you own the drive, sometimes you need to remove the drive from the system to see the sticker often it will tell you from the OEM. Last I heard, Dell was using LG drives so this may not be an NEC drive. Also, if you can figure out the firmware, than you can match up the drive to its real manufacturer. Good luck on your quest, and I hope your friend appreciates this.

PS: It sounds like your friend needs a lesson in dvd burning, teach him about DVD Shrink, drag and drop will not work unless pure data is involved.

I’ve discovered that this drive thinks it’s a Teac drive.

Can anyone tell me who makes Teac…or do they make their own?

Teac seems to be making their own drives for some models now, but that have also used Liteon, BenQ, and Pioneer.

Thanks, dhc014. I also found this link in another thread:

drive info link

Still awaiting relevant info from my friend…