Need to have something cleared about DL

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A friend of mine is telling me that I can’t play Dual Layer DVDs in a DVD player. Is this really true??? I find it very hard to believe but please correct me if I’m wrong.
I thought the point of DL DVD was to be able to fit a full commercial DVD onto one disc.


You can play burned DVD+R DL in a DVD player if treated correctly (= bitsetted to DVD-ROM, which is automatically done by most burners nowadays). :slight_smile:

With DVD-R DL, it’s a gamble though, as it is a relatively new format and cannot be bitsetted to DVD-ROM.

It will work in most DVD players but not in all.

My Lumatron VCR+DVD Player (about 3 years old) refuses to play DVD+R DL even if bitset to DVD-ROM. It’s also the pickiest player I own for other discs.

So although a burned DVD+R DL will play in most players it won’t play in all players.

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I believe the reflectivity may be the problem…
But almost all recent players should support DVD+R DL.

You might have a problem playing DL DVDs in a DVD Player purchased pre-2001. But most DVD Players should be able to play them.

Agreed, the reflectivity for DL media is like 20% or something. Compared to SL media, which is 40% - 50%

That is one reason why I hope DL RW will not come…

Cheers chaps … I’m glad that has been cleared up.
Would anybody know of a good place online in the UK to buy DL discs?

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Lol it would probably be non reflective or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they would have made it by now if it was possible.

SVP DigitalPromo DVDShopOnline :slight_smile:

And only go for Verbatim +R DL , any others are a bit of a lottery as to whether they’ll burn & play OK.