Need to get a dual layer dvd onto 4.7gb dvd with subtitles

Hi Guys

Am no newbie but have encountered my frist job whereby I need to rip off a dual layer disc (over 7gb of data), compress and then burn onto a standard 4.7gb dvd-r with subtitles. I ripped off 1 large vob file from the disc which one dvd ripper program showed to be the whole film but on burning it with DVD lab pro I got video but with no sound or subtitles.

I’ve just acquired dvd ripper, ifoedit, vobedit and txt2sup. On ripping the dvd using dvd ripper I had 6 vob files all 1gb each so I haven’t a clue if these are all needed for just the film part?

Any suggestions on my next step?


Wow 4 tools to rip one movie?
Much easier using anydvd/clonedvd or dvdshrink/dvddecrypter.

Well I have got Nero 7 and Sorenson Squeeze but Nero 7 just crashes as the RAM usage keeps going up and up whilst it’s adding the vobs and I think Sorenson didn’t burn the subtitles. In fact neither did Nero Recode.

What would you recommend rapid fire?

I agree with Rapid Fire’s suggestions…you can download 21-day free trials of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD from :wink:

To download DVDShrink, just click the blue text in his post.

Well exactly that what i’ve mentioned before and Arachne was so kind to post the links. :wink:

I would remove all the prg’s. and pick one, srink works well

I guess this wouldn’t be enough for newer protections.